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Atheist: ‘I’m Returning to God’ – Former Italian Doctor Seeks Strength From God

The testimony from an Italian doctor, once an atheist, has gone viral as he reveals how God is giving him strength and peace during the pandemic.

Dr. Lulian Urban Lorenzo from Lombardia, who is tirelessly treating COVID-19 patients, has turned to God during these difficult times, Catholic Focus reports.

“What we have seen and done in our hospital for the past three weeks has been nothing but a nightmare. Until two weeks ago, we and many of my colleagues were atheists,” Lorenzo said. “One hundred percent believed that science excludes God because we are doctors.”

The 38-year-old said he spoke to a dying priest, who was struggling to breathe – then watched him read Scripture to other patients suffering from the Coronavirus.

After the priest passed away, Lorenzo recalled how much peace he received from those encounters.

“He helped to give us the peace we never expected in just nine days when all hope was shattered. Remembering that we were helped by his weakness…the good shepherd went to the Lord,” Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo explained that several of his colleagues became ill and passed away – but all hope is not lost and he will continue to care for the sick and dying.

“I will live like that priest until my last breath for others. I am happy to have returned to my God when my loved ones were suffering and dying around me, ” he said.

“We begin to feel that God begins where man ends. Truth be told, we who were atheists until yesterday, now pray to God for peace,” he said. “The courage that was supposed to be lost has somehow returned. We are more energetic now.”

Lorenzo proclaims he is now a Christian and asked for prayers that he may continue to care for the sick.

“I was an atheist, but now I’m returning to God. Pray for us to help care for the sick,” he concluded.

Christian artist Mandisa recently commented on Lorenzo’s story and referenced Isaiah 55:9 – revealing that God’s ways are above earthly understanding.

“God’s ways are higher than ours. Look for Him shining in the dark. Be the one He speaks through.”


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