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Good Friday: Trump – Let’s focus on prayer and our relationship with God

President Donald Trump focused on the battle against the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in a scripted message on Easter Good Friday, thanking first responders and calling on all the Americans to pray for the nation.

“At this holy time, our nation is engaged in a battle like never before, the invisible enemy,” the President said from the Oval Office.

“Though we will not be able to gather together with one another as we normally would on Easter,” he continued, “we can use this sacred time to focus on prayer, reflection, and growing in our personal relationship with God.”

The President thanked “the many families who have prayed” for him, and asked for continued prayers for healing and “comfort for those who are grieving.”

“As our nation battles the invisible enemy,” the President said, “we reaffirm that Americans believe in the power of prayer.”

The President was joined by Vice President Mike Pence and Bishop Harry Jackson. He did not take questions from reporters in the room.

At Easter, we celebrate all that Jesus did for us. We could not be forgiven of our sins and given the privilege of having a loving, personal, conversational, and missional relationship with him without his death and resurrection. He opened the door for us to walk through, to move close to HIM, to enjoy life with HIM.

As we mark the death of our Lord this good friday, may his resurrection power bring healing in our lives in Jesus name (amen).



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